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About the Leadership Intensive Program

Kansas Recreation and Park Association is excited to partner with renowned recreation and park advocate, Ian Hill, to offer the Leadership Intensive Program.

The Leadership Intensive is an individualized, competency based, leadership development program.  It is designed specifically for those who aspire to be outstanding director-level leaders.  It’s mission is to accelerate the development of Public Sector professionals, equipping them to be “day 1″ ready to assume director and senior leadership positions! Click here to learn more.

Leadership Intensive Briefing Video (episode 3) from Ian Hill:

Episode 4
Episode 3
Episode 2
(Supplementary video for episode 2)
Episode 1

Round 2 begins October 10, 2019

Phase 1- Preparation – Month 1- Establish a baseline.

  • Personal Performance  survey to those you work with and self-evaluation
  • Individual leadership development plan with clearly defined  action plans.
  • Participant Retreat to ignite the process

Phase 2- Education – Month 2-5 Learn the leadership approaches the times require.

  • Face to Face education session
  • 4 Workshops via live video streaming (one every three-four weeks)
  • Weekly  1 on 1  professional coaching sessions
  • Weekly reinforcement and motivational emails
  • 2 Accountability performance surveys to gauge progress
  • A Learning Portal containing on-demand video & MP3 archives of all sessions, all materials and support forum for the dynamic exchange of information with other participants.
  • The portal will become an asset to the participant, available for use after the program is complete.

Phase 3-Practical Application – Month 5-10 Supported implementation

  • Weekly  1 on 1  professional coaching sessions
  • 5 Live workshops via live video streaming
  • Weekly reinforcement and motivational emails
  • 7 Leadership Intensive pod casts, interviews with top Directors & Experts
  • 2 Accountability performance surveys to gauge progress

Testimonials from 2019 Leadership Intensive Participants:

Leadership Intensive is different than anything that I have ever participated in before.  In the Leadership Intensive, you are in constant communication with Ian Hill about your daily, weekly, and monthly experiences.  Ian helps you work on your strengths and weaknesses as an employee and as a person.  This program is fun, intense, and personalized to fit you as opposed to you fitting the program. 

While going through the Leadership Intensive program, you are able to use the systems learned and apply them into your own workplace. Participants talk with the group about how they are progressing, what they are learning, and what they are implementing at their job.  You will have a difficult time finding a course that is this individualized to you.  The information that I have learned from Ian and the others in this group are instrumental into helping me be the person and employee that I strive to be.

-Trent Buchman, Blue Valley Recreation Commission

I continue to be amazed at Ian’s ability to take broad concepts and break them down into small and manageable pieces that he is then able to articulate clearly to the rest of us through printed information, short videos, livestream training sessions, and personal interactions.  What I have found to be most valuable, however, is his willingness to set aside an hour of his time, every single week, to meet with me via phone for a coaching session.  In these sessions we talk about real situations that I’m dealing with in my professional life, and he coaches me through them to find the best possible strategy to get to my desired outcome.  He’s taken me on a journey to discover things about myself so that I can build on my strengths and recognize the areas I need to work on, and through that process I’ve discovered positive changes and habits that have affected my personal life as well.  I feel like he truly knows me, maybe better than a lot of people, and has given me the tools to learn more about those I work with in the same way.
- Jennifer Anderson, CPRP

I love being able to work with Ian one-on-one on a weekly basis. It gives us the opportunity to discuss issues I’m dealing with and he helps me solve problems individually rather than generically in a large group. As we go through the program, it has been easy to implement the systems he is teaching us and he does a great job showing us how to apply it to real life situations. The group sessions have been very interactive and fun, especially because it gives us the opportunity to tell each other how we’ve applied what we’re learning. Love the personal feedback and individual attention!
-Lindsay Hart

The naming of this program is spot-on, it’s intense!… but in a good way.  This program has pushed me to be more strategic in my dealings with others and has helped strengthen my professional relationships.  I have added a number of tools to my professional tool belt and am continuing to gain more and more knowledge every day.  Having a personal coach to guide you through challenges while keeping you grounded has been the biggest game changer for me.  For those committed to making a true change, this program is for you!
- John Forbis, CPRP

Meet the Program Developer & Facilitator

Ian Hill– Award winning Humanitarian, Social Innovator, and Leadership Development Pioneer, these are some of the words that are often used when referring to Ian Hill. He has led a multi-million dollar business operation with over 1000 employees, spearheaded  life-changing recreation based, community building projects across North America, and been the founder of numerous, first of their kind programs to help others.  He has also received acclaim for the creation of innovative leadership development programs. Over 600 municipalities in The United States, Canada and Australia have participated in these programs.

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