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KRPA Recovery Plan and Guidelines

The plan and guidelines are in conjunction with the Governor's statewide recovery plan. These guidelines, developed by your fellow members, are a great starting point for your agencies. We suggest you take these to your local government officials to work with them on reopening in your local community. Some counties will be more restrictive due to COVID-19 prevalence in the county. These guidelines are flexible to adjust to the local jurisdiction's orders. These documents should be viewed as a living document and will change often and as quickly as possible with new updates. Check back frequently.

KRPA Recovery Plan.pdf (May 6, 2020)
KRPA Support Guidelines.pdf (May 21, 2020)


Are community centers with fitness centers allowed to open in Phase 1.5? We have contacted the Governor's office to clarify the distinction between a community center and a fitness center. In the orders starting Monday, fitness centers are allowed to be open but community centers or not. The Governor has revised the orders to be more clear. Any fitness center, regardless of what facility it is in may open. If any business, facility, or venue involves or operates more than one activity or function, each activity or function must follow any provisions of this order specifically addressing that activity or function. For example, a community center that includes an exercise room, a pool, and an event space may open the exercise room but may not open the pool or event space (regardless of capacity).

How will outdoor pools be able to open? Outdoor pools are allowed in phase two. The 10,30,90 does not limit the overall occupancy, but limits the amount of people who can be gathered together without social distancing. So if you can maintain social distancing, you can have as many people as you want.

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