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National Fitness Campaign

    KRPA announced that $25,000 grants are now available to five KRPA member organizations in 2020 to support them in joining the National Fitness Campaign (NFC) and expanding the campaign across Kansas.

    This state-wide grant program includes

    • exclusive funding opportunities for KRPA members to join the campaign and launch the Fitness Court® and NFC initiative
    • continuing education regarding implementation of healthy infrastructure and pedestrian oriented planning principles
    • comprehensive suite of tools, fitness classes and programs designed to build a wellness culture in communities across Kansas

    Grant funding represents an important share of the funding required to adopt and launch the program, with cities and local sponsors bringing remaining funds together to build NFC partnerships across the state. 

    What is the National Fitness Campaign?

    The National Fitness Campaign (NFC) delivers a comprehensive fitness and wellness ecosystem built around their highly acclaimed digital Fitness Court®. This award-winning initiative is now supporting more than one hundred and fifty cities across America. The program is poised to deliver important outdoor wellness infrastructure to help communities stay active across the state of Kansas in a time of great need, due to significant impact on indoor gyms and fitness opportunities constrained by the pandemic. Check out the NFC video to learn more!


    Sign up today for one of thirty remote program briefing slots, available between October 19 and November 13 on a first come, first serve basis to KRPA members interested in qualifying during the early application period for funding. Briefings must be attended by the Parks and Recreation Director of a member agency to qualify. Members can request a briefing by contacting Jamie Reed at jamie@krpa.org.

    KRPA Agency Experience with NFC

    Wyandotte County Park and Recreation Department joined the NFC Campaign back in 2018.  They installed their first fitness court in December 2019. 

    "NFC was great to work with.  They were flexible and provided support such as crowd funding, marketing, and planning.  They communicated with us frequently to make sure we had what we need and to ensure the project was on track.  The fitness court provides an opportunity for FREE fitness, and the neighborhood that this court was installed in has shown a great appreciation for it.  Since installing the fitness court at St. Margaret’s Park, we have received a number of inquiries from community members wanting one in their neighborhood park.  With our intentions of offering boot camp sessions, we saw the potential in positive impacts on our community as far as offering physical fitness/health opportunities that some of these communities don’t easily have access to. 
    We had original plans to run FREE boot camps for our community, but due to COVID we did have to cancel those.  However, we had a strong interest in those classes.  We have seen the community using the court once we opened playgrounds back up due to being closed during PHASE 1 of COVID.  Our local KCKPAL boxing program has utilized the fitness court to conduct some same, COVID friendly training." - Angel Obert, Assistant Director, WYCO/KCK UG Parks and Recreation


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