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Aquatic Branch
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The Aquatics Branch is one of eight branch units of KRPA membership that provides specific focus and attention to a professional endeavor of the park and recreation industry.  The other KRPA Branch groups are Administration, Park and Natural Resources, Park Law Enforcement, Recreation, Sports, and Wellness. Branch leadership falls under an elected board.

Throughout the year, the branch board will plan workshops and structure the specific educational track for that focus of professional activity during the annual KRPA Conference and Trade Show.  Branch board representatives also serve as a voice of KRPA leadership and provide advice and direction to its members related to industry resources.

Upon joining KRPA, members have an opportunity to participate in one or more branches (no limit) which also entitles their participation in the branch board election process.  

Helpful Links

ADA Guidelines for Swimming Pools

Accessible Swimming Pools and Spas Summary

Aquatic Facility Operator Program

The Aquatic Facility Operator (AFO) program is an advanced, state of-the-art educational training program for those persons managing and operating aquatic facilities. The AFO program is fast becoming the leading training opportunity for pool operators and aquatic facility managers in the United States and to date has certified over 16,000 aquatic facility operators in the 16 years of existence. Click here to learn more.


Anna Albright
Leawood Parks
and Recreation

Lauren Ozburn (CHAIR)

Shelby Duncan
City of Olathe

Megan Hammeke
Great Bend
Rec Commission

Klinton Warner
Holcomb Rec

Jeff Hammond
City of Salina

Lori Madaus
Lawrence Parks &

Joe Marten 
Derby Rec

Jennifer Wegener
Emporia Rec

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