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Scholarship Opportunities

The Kansas Recreation and Park Association (KRPA) Board of Directors, in an effort to foster professional development and continuing education within the State, has established the KRPA Professional Development Scholarship Fund.  KRPA Members are encouraged to apply for scholarship support to attend regional or national schools (e.g. KRPA Annual Conference and workshops, NRPA Conference, or other related educational opportunities not sponsored by KRPA or NRPA); or take the CPRP/CPRE exams.

Funds to provide these scholarships come from several different resources including the annual conference silent auction, vendors and private donations. The Association realizes the importance of reinvesting these dollars into its membership base as a means to ensure our members capabilities keep pace with the current standards of others in the same field and hopefully advance and progress further. Professional development will also make certain that our members’ knowledge stays relevant and up to date at all times on current industry affairs. 

Larry Heeb Professional Development Scholarship Application to attend professional development opportunities- 

Applications will be accepted for scholarship funding support (registration, travel costs) to attend any local, regional or national park and recreation related educational training event. The goal of the scholarship program is to provide support to member professionals who have limited financial resources for training and have a desire to enhance their education.  Awarded Scholarships will be based on the appropriateness of the educational opportunity related to the applicants’ job, financial need, contributions of the applicant to his/her community and to KRPA.

The application deadline for scholarship funding to attend KRPA workshops or local training events is 30 days prior to the event. The deadline to apply for scholarship funding for the KRPA Conference, NRPA Conference or other state/national conferences is 90 days prior to the event. No scholarship funds will go directly to any individual before attending the educational opportunity
. Scholarship recipients or the agency they work for are reimbursed after approval from the board.

The application deadlines for scholarship funding are:

Deadline Event
Aquatic Facility Operator Course and Exam- February 11, 2020
Certified Playground Safety Course and Exam- February 3, 2020
NRPA Annual Conference- May 1, 2020
KRPA/MPRA Executive Forum- TBA
Tomorrow's Leaders Institute- August 9, 2020
KRPA Annual Conference- October 23, 2020

Deadline Event
30 days prior Local workshop
90 days prior Regional and national out of state training
CPRP Study Course and Exam- October 15, 2020 (Please fill out the special CPRP Study Course Scholarship Application for this event.)

To apply for scholarship funding, fill out the  Professional Development Scholarship Application.pdf  and provide appropriate support material as outlined and return to the KRPA Office according to the deadlines above.  
KRPA Scholarship Association
645 Vermonth
PO Box 1283
Lawrence, KS 66044
Email:  Erika Devore

The Scholarship Committee will make all final decisions and determine the scholarship award total. There is no limit on the number of educational events that a member is eligible to apply for during the year, but priority will be given to individuals who have not received a previous scholarship. If chosen, receipts for reimbursements are due within 60 days of event.

Scholarship Criteria

  • Any applicant for the Larry Heeb Professional Development Scholarship must be a current professional member of KRPA.
  • Letter of recommendation from current supervisor
  • An explanation of financial need, verified in writing by the department director, or in the case of the applicant being the director, verification by the director’s immediate supervisor.
  • An explanation of the benefits to be received by attending this conference, workshop, seminar or school. Why is it important to the applicant personally?

Additional Criteria (1-5 points awarded with 5 being the highest):
1.     Contributions to the applicant’s job and to his/her community
2.     Demonstrated contributions to KRPA (such as involvement on committees, boards, etc)
3.     Participant summary: explanation of the benefits to be received by attending this conference, workshop, seminar or school
4.     Education opportunity is a continuation of a previous program attended.
5.     Applicant holds a professional certification (if yes – 1 bonus point) 

Application for CPRP and CPRE Exam

Applications for the CPRP and CPRE exam are accepted any time of year. The scholarship committee will review and vote on applications at the board meeting following the date the application was submitted.

Scholarship Criteria 

  • Must be a professional member of KRPA
  • Submit a letter of application which indicates the purpose for the scholarship being requested and amount needed (up to 50% of the cost of certification exam: $149.50 for the CPRP and $199.50 for the CPRE)
  •  Submit written verification of need by the director or immediate supervisor, or an academic advisor in the case of a student.
  •  Must provide a copy of the receipt for paid fee and show proof of passing the certification exam within 30 days of receiving exam results to receive the scholarship.

To apply for scholarship funding, fill out the CPRP/CPRE Scholarship application, provide appropriate support material as outlined and return to the KRPA Office.
KRPA Scholarship Association
645 Vermont
PO Box 1283
Lawrence, KS 66044
Email:  Erika Devore

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