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Trade Show Silent Auction

KRPA's Board of Directors takes pride in offering scholarships for KRPA members to attend continuing education workshops, conferences anprofessional development opportunities. A large portion of the scholarship funds are received from the annual silent auction at the KRPA Conference.

Again in 2022, KRPA will hold a silent auction via Facebook and during the Trade Show to raise funds for the KRPA Scholarship Association. All auction proceeds will go directly to provide scholarships for KRPA members. Auction bidding information coming soon.

Branch Award Social Fundraiser

Bring your cash and your luck to the Branch Award Social. The conference planning committee will host the "Great Scotch" spirit pull at the Branch Award social on Wednesday, January 19th. The "Great Scotch" fundraiser is a blind draw where every ticket buyer wins. A variety of spirits are placed in individual bags so the labels can’t be seen. The spirits range from beer, wine, scotch and more. The wrapped bottles are numbered. Each person who buys a $20 Great Scotch ticket then selects a number that corresponds to a bag which could contain anything from a bottle of smooth Glenlivet Scotch or a case of Natty Light.

Trade Show Fundraiser Raffle

The "Save the Scholarship Fund" fundraiser will be a raffle drawing for great prizes like the Oculus Quest 2, gifts cards, cash and more throughout the Trade Show. Purchase 10 tickets for $20 from a KRPA Board member or at the registration table. Participants then enter the raffle by placing their tickets in prize can of your choice placed through the Trade Show. Is it better to put all your tickets into one drawing, or distribute them over all the drawings? The choice is up to you. The winning ticket for each prize will be drawn at 2:30pm. Winner does not have to present at the time of drawing.

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