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October 8th, 2020 

This year the Sports, Wellness, Recreation, and Aquatics branch are teaming up to bring you a virtual SHARP experience.  The all virtual workshop will include optional branch discussions and two sessions on virtual topics.  


830a - Sports (optional branch discussion)

830a - Wellness (optional branch discussion)

9a- 10a Maintaining Workplace Culture Virtually / Virtual Staff Training 

The days of watercooler news and face-to-face contact at the office (or pool if you are aquatics) have been paused for many of us without warning. Where does this leave our workplace culture? Do we need the physical location to maintain a positive team culture? Can this pause on in person interaction actually help us connect more, communicate better, and push us to be a more effective team? I think it can and my team is making it happen! This workshop is covering all your staff – from full time staff working from home, to aquatic seasonal staff that may not have been able to work this last season. Leave with inspiration, tips, and real examples of how to maintain your workplace culture -  virtually.

10a-1130a -  Active Virtual Challenges 

2020 has had its challenges! With sports, activities, programs, and events all cancelled what can you do? So much, its endless opportunity! This workshop will focus on providing you the basic steps to create virtual programs, challenges, and activities for your community. Learn about virtual fitness challenges, virtual family games, themed scavenger hunts, grab and go boxes, and more! These can all be done, while maintaining physical distance orders and with your staff working virtually. Come get some great new program ideas, ways to stay connected with your community, and some tips to get you started on creating your very own virtual programs!

1130a - Recreation (optional branch discussion)

1130a - Aquatics (optional branch discussion)

Featured Speaker: Kasia Robbins 

Kasia Robbins is the aquatics manager and recreation coordinator for the City of Hermiston. Kasia is successful at developing and coordinating a variety of training's and programs. She values being an active role in her community both as a recreational professional and as a mom to four children. She strives to make her community family-friendly and a place “where life is sweet”. 

Cost: $25 per person or Buy 3 get 1 free

Individual Registration ($25): 

Buy 3 get 1 free Registration ($75): 

This workshop is for park and recreation professionals of all levels: front-line staff to senior-level employees. Our goal for this SHARP workshop is to provide new skills to help you thrive in your position, boost your professional development that will help in everyday tasks, and give you practical experiences to help problem solve at your job.

For questions or concerns please contact Jamie Reed, jamie@krpa.org

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