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10 Tips for Attending the KRPA Virtual Conference

01 Feb 2021 11:07 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

10 Tips for Attending the KRPA Virtual Conference

Here are 10 helpful and important tips for getting the most out of your conference experience. If you were not able to join the attendee information call last Friday, click here to watch it for a visual explanation of how the conference platform will work.


Before You Attend the KRPA Virtual Conference

A little bit of preparation will go a long way towards making sure you getting the most out of the experience. Use your time and resources well at the 2021 KRPA Virtual Conference and Trade Show by sitting down and formulating a plan first.

Visit the NEW KRPA Conference Platform and download the app

The KRPA conference platform and app contains the entire conference; including the schedule, the speakers, the virtual trade show, event game and more. You will receive an email by Tuesday (February 2nd) giving you access to the platform and app. If you do not receive this email, please email Jamie Reed at jamie@krpa.org. Spend some time on the platform before February 3rd to get familiar with the layout and making connections with your KRPA friends ahead of time. Don’t forget to allow push notifications from the app during your time at conference so you don't miss out on any important updates.

2)    Review the schedule.

This one’s a no-brainer. Set a goal for what you’d like to accomplish on February 3rd and 4th and use the schedule to devise a plan to meet your goal. We’re all familiar enough with virtual conferences to know that you will get the most sessions watch within the time that you set aside on February 3rd and 4th. Life happens and it is hard to go back and watch on-demand sessions once to-do lists and schedules get back to normal. So make the most of your time on the 3rd and 4th, log-in and create a customized agenda within the conference app. Make sure to attend conference-wide events such as the opening keynote speaker, the brain breaks and trade show. If you prefer a hard-copy, a pdf is available here.

3)    Plan to spend some time at the Trade Show

The live virtual trade show will be available on Wednesday, Feb 3rd from 11:45am - 2pm and Thursday Feb 4th from 11:30am-1:30pm. During these times, you can visit vendors' booths to watch demos, sign up for giveaways, and make connections. Remember, these vendors are very loyal to our association and the park and recreation industry in Kansas. After 2020 and looking ahead to unknowns about the future, they have shown their commitment by joining this virtual conference. We are very grateful! Even if you are not a purchaser, we encourage you to go in and say a quick thanks to these vendors and make a connection. 

4)    Know how to get your CEUs

Each session will have a CEU link at the bottom of the session. During the session, the moderator will put the CEU code word into the chat function. At the end of each session please click on the CEU link and enter your name, agency, email address, session, and the session code word. 

An official signed conference CEU form will be sent to you with the sessions you attended and filled out the CEU link for between 2-3 weeks after conference.

5)    Visit the KRPA Silent Auction on Facebook

The Annual Silent Auction has been moved to Facebook. We have great items from Royals and Chiefs collectibles, Great Wolf Lodge certificates and more. This auction is open to more than just conference attendees. Share it with your friends too. To learn more about the rules for this auction, visit the KRPA website.

When You Arrive

6)    Visit the help desk

A help desk will be available from 8am-5pm on February 3rd and 4th. Think of it like our regular conference registration table, but instead this desk will be located in a zoom room. Have questions? Hop into the zoom room to get answers or to just say Hi. (We miss you!)

7)    Stay Engaged

Learning virtually can be a challenge, but we want you to stay engaged throughout the day. Virtual workouts are available on the platform all day for you to enjoy that will engage not only your brain but your body. Also, don’t miss Jenny’s brain breaks throughout conference. Three brain breaks will be available- Wednesday at 3:00pm and Thursday at 10am and 2:45pm.

8)    Connect with fellow KRPA Members

Networking with other professionals in your field is a highlight of the KRPA conference. Make time to connect with fellow members. Networking looks a bit different at a virtual conference, but it is just as important. Visit the Attendee list on the left side of the platform, find another attendee, and click add. This will make you a connection, and then you can message them throughout conference.

Also, check out the social wall to connect with your peers, let us know what sessions you are attending, your favorite Welcome Box item, or even post what you are eating! (Pets are always welcome on social walls too! ) Also, earn points for the event game.

9)    Play the Event Game

We want this conference to not only be educational but fun. Plus, this year’s game has extra amazing prizes! Have you heard of the Playstation5? Well, they are kind of a big deal this year, and it is one of many prizes that you could win by playing the event game. Other prizes are also a Nintendo Switch, a cell phone sanitizer, an ember mug and a projector. Playing the game is very simple. Unlock passcodes by completing challenges (like answering questions, attending sessions, visiting vendors at the Trade Show and more), enter passcodes to earn points, and complete as many challenges as you can and climb to the top of the leaderboard

After watching sessions at the virtual conference and waiting for the 2022 KRPA Conference in Manhattan

10) Gather your thoughts and (re)watch any sessions

All that information you gathered from sessions and new contacts from the conference and the trade show can quickly be forgotten if not organized right away. Write down your key takeaways. Enter new contacts into your address book. Fill out the KRPA post-conference survey which will be on the app and sent out via email.

The best part of attending a virtual conference is that all the sessions will be available on-demand a week or two after conference. You can go back and rewatch your favorite sessions, or you can watch the other sessions that were going on at the same time of your sessions. You don’t have to miss a minute of learning!

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