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Making Parks and 
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National Park & Recreation Marketing Video Campaign

12 Aug 2021 7:51 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Colorado Park & Recreation Association (CPRA) is leading the way for a national recruitment videos for parks and recreation across the nation. You are invited (and KRPA highly encourages you) to participate in this fun and important opportunity. 

KRPA Recruitment Committee has been working hard to put together a Recruitment Toolkit to roll out in January 2022 to aid KRPA member agencies in recruiting employees and promoting the profession across the state. This national video and possibly a local Kansas video will be available as part of this toolkit.

CPRA has teamed with Gametime to produce this recruitment video. NRPA has also come along side to support this effort. 

How can you participate and help? 
CPRA and KRPA need short video vignettes of P&R professionals from seasonal to full-time and everywhere in between! We want to highlight the reality of the industry from your point of view. We hope to use these testimonials to show job seekers why a career in P&R is a viable and sustainable path with a variety of opportunities available. Tell them why you chose Parks & Rec!

PR Marketing Video Submission Instructions.pdf

What could your submissions include?

- Short video interview under 30 seconds (Ideally close to 10 seconds of solid testimonial)
- B-Roll: A wide variety of different shots that illustrate the story and interview audio
- Slow pans with slight movement showing the surroundings of your position
Ex: The view of the pool from a Lifeguard stand or underwater footage with a GoPro
- Dynamic action shots with different angles
Ex: Instructors giving programming classes with unique viewpoints
- Whatever else you imagine when describing how much you love your job!
Ex: Staff laughing together; connecting with your community, etc.

Content Requirements:
All contributors must choose a Category and a Prompt to work from! (Only 1 each per submission!)
- Categories:
Aquatics and Lifeguards
Customer Service and Facilities
Trails and Open Space
Programming (Summer Camps, TR, Youth, Athletics, etc.)
- Prompts:
“I love my job because…”-“I choose P&R as a career because…”
“A career in P&R means…”-“P&R provides me with…”
“I stay in P&R because…”-“Every day I get to…”
“Over the past _ years, I’ve gotten to…”

Formatting Requirements:
- 16 x 9 horizontal shots
- 1080p (Standard 1920 x 1080)
Can find in video settings on most phones or recording devices
4k is fine, but no smaller than 1080p will be accepted
- Audio:
Shoot in a quiet location
Separate mics are ideal when possible
The closer to the mic the better!

Recording Requirements & Tips:
1/3 Rule: Have subject on 1/3 of the camera view
Start recording a few seconds before your subject starts speaking
- This will ensure that you capture the entire story
Place interviewer off to the opposite side from subject, so subject is looking diagonally across the screen
-Even if no interviewer is present, pretend there is!

- Wear agency t-shirt/uniform or other logoed clothing items if possible
- Start with your name, agency, title, and how many years you’ve been in the field
- Restate your chosen prompt to begin your story
Ex: “I love my job because…” then continue with your quick, personal story
- Do NOT look directly into the camera
- Speak to an (imaginary or real) interviewer off to the opposite side of the camera
- Keep the sun to the side (ideal) or in front of you!
- Keep content quick and to the point, and stay enthusiastic!

Sending in Submissions:
- Please submit all content to amanda@krpa.org.
- All Submissions are due by September 8th, 2021!o

In your submission be sure to tell us the name of your employer, city, and state!
• Include name of subject and their agency in file descriptions

Submit a Release Form with all content
- A Release Form is required to be signed and submitted by every video subject
If the subject is under 18, their parent(s)/guardian(s) MUST sign the release!

Other Details:

We cannot guarantee that a submission will be used in any of the videos in this campaign, but we truly appreciate your contribution! We hope to create a library of content to be available to YOU and your peers nationally for any further projects or marketing that would benefit from these collected stories. Thank you for your contribution to this resource and for helping us share the good word about the industry we all love!

- Submissions due by September 8th
- Campaign rolls out in January 2022!

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