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Making Parks and 
a Priority 

Governor Candidate Questionnaire Responses

18 Oct 2018 12:34 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Dear KRPA Members,

In an effort to inform you of how the policy of the gubernatorial candidates would effect parks and recreation in our communities over the next four to eight years, the Public Policy Committee and KRPA staff developed a list of questions and submitted those to the three major candidates for Governor.

Questions were submitted to each campaign on 28-SEPT with a request to return by 8-OCT, we received one response, from the Laura Kelly campaign.  A follow-up message was sent to both the Orman and Kobach campaigns, as of this letter we have not received a response from either.

On 9-OCT the Public Policy Committee approved a request to the KRPA Board of Directors that the written response from Laura Kelly be provided, with a summary of her responses to the KRPA membership.  On 10-OCT the Board of Directors voted to inform the membership as recommended by the Public Policy Committee.

The Board of Directors strongly encourages you to review the responses from the Kelly Campaign and keep them in consideration as you cast your vote for Governor. As noted in her response, Ms. Kelly served as the Executive Director of our association from 1986-2003 and has proven to be a friend to parks and recreation throughout her time in the State Senate. As stated in her response:

"I will continue to be an advocate for our recreation and park programs as governor. More and more Kansas communities are embracing recreation and park programs that enhance the quality of life available to their families – and attract new business opportunities to their area.”  

Further, Ms Kelly, supports local control, stating:

"Each city in Kansas has its own elected officials, geographic and cultural makeup, and this needs to be reflected in policy.”  "As governor, I will continue to support local governments’ ability to make choices for their community.”

Additionally, Ms.Kelly’s Rural Prosperity plan “includes prioritizing state investments in the Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism to enhance our rural communities’ linkages to the state’s natural assets, including lakes and trails.”

We hope you find this information valuable and relevant as you consider your vote this year.  If we receive responses from the Orman or Kobach campaign we will make those available for review as well.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any concerns or questions.


Chris Claxton, KRPA Board President

Tony Finlay, KRPA Public Policy Chair

Link to Laura Kelly's Complete Questionnaire Responses: Kansas Recreation and Park Assoc Questionnaire.pdf
Link to Laura Kelly's Rural Prosperity Plan: https://www.laurakellyforkansas.com/issues/rural/
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